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Full Movie: Lena Ramone 2

Lena Ramone 2

" Vinyl Vixen " featuring Lena Ramon- Rent is due and Rodney is a little short on cash, so he goes to see hairy hippy girl Lena Ramon, the "Vinyl Vixen" to see if he can sell some old albums to make up the difference. Rodney shows her the albums he wants to sell but as luck would have it, Lena already has all the albums. So Rodney shows her the last album he brought with him and it turns out, that's the one album she needs for her collection, but Rodney really doesn't want to sell it but maybe there's something she'll trade for it, like her hairy pussy. Rodney makes an offer, if she lets Rodney do what he wants with that beautiful bush for 20 minutes, he will part with his album. He goes to town licking her furry clit and ramming his fingers up her hairy hole. She's even willing to suck his big cock for the record. She gives him a sloppy, wet blow job then she lets him bang that hairy pussy hard. She goes back to sucking his rod and sucks the spunk right out of him. Rodney's happy to give away his prized possession now, Lena's definitely earned it.

Released:May 13, 2016
Director:Rodney Moore
Length:25 min

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